the company is founded in 2004 by architect astrit nixha. after many years of experience with “walker payne estates” company in london,he came back home to initially partner in “nixha&partners” and later on, establish his own brand.

the service provided by the company has evolved up to the state-of-the-art stages, always aiming for unique creativity toward comprehensive social-responsibility and a positive environmental impact.

the leadership approach and attitude for project design and management has been honored with several national awards in the first “architecture biennale” including the main award and numerous international awards such as eumiesaward, a.arch, international design award and bigSEE architecture.


excellence, quality and integrity are among core values of anarch. respect within the projects’ teams are fundamental, considering that architecture should make a positive contribution to society.


“…life is perfect, because of its imperfections … building should reflect life in its imperfections to present perfect architecture …”


astrit nixha

as an architect, he has graduated from the “university of pristina” in ’91 and after a decade of living and working in UK, in early home comeback he partnered at “nixha&partners” in 2000 while in 2004 he founded anarch.

with over 25 years of architectural and managerial experience, he influenced inner anarch quest toward a creative and innovative designs, in kosovo and abroad.

the hard work has been recognized with numerous local and international awards, medals and honorable mentions, publications in international magazines, presentations and lectures in architectural and other conferences.

astrit continuously thrives to improve himself while influencing his colleagues and their collective work which is welcomed by clients and general public, giving enormous satisfaction and pride to all participants.